Tea Time For Weight Loss

Tea Time For Weight Loss Combining green tea and caffeine has been shown to help increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation. Of course, brewing green tea isn't for everyone and a study published in The Journal of Nutrition suggests black and oolong teas might also play a role in weight management.

Researchers supplemented a diet with 32% of calories coming from fat and 25% from sucrose with decaffeinated polyphenols from green, black and oolong tea. After 20 weeks, there were significant differences between tissue content of polyphenols, but all three extracts provided weight loss and anti-inflammatory support for the rodents.

True Strength Moment: Whether these results can be duplicated by human subjects remains to be seen, but most active adults don't often consume so many calories from fat and sugar. Humans also have the options of putting caffeine to work before hitting the gym, jogging trail or bike path.
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