No Load Training For Soccer

No Load Training For Soccer You don't need a weight room to strengthen your on-field performance in team sports. In fact, according to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, your body weight is all the resistance you need to improve kicking speed and other soccer skills.

Half a group of 30 high school aged soccer players took part in a twice weekly contrast training program involving no load isometric and plyometric exercises. They increased in volume throughout their pre-season training. Compared to the other half of players who continued on with their normal soccer training, the extra no-load exercises helped improve countermovement jump, agility and kicking speed.

True Strength Moment: Every serious competitor wants to stay at least one step ahead of the competition, and many times that involves incorporating non-traditional elements into your training. It stands to reason that if everyone always trained the same way, you'd see fewer standout athletes.
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