FDA Says Cloned Food Is Safe

The US Food and Drug Administration announced yesterday that meat, milk and other food products from cloned animals are as safe to consume as food from non-cloned sources. This pronouncement appears to open the door to the sale of such products, and no plans are in place to distinguish them on product labeling. However, that does not mean that consumers have no choice in the matter.

In response to the FDA's announcement, the Organic Trade Association stated that cloning is incompatible with the Organic Foods Production Act and products from these animals could never be labeled as organic. This assurance gives organic foods another level of distinction in the marketplace.

The Bigger Picture: With all the recalls in recent history, media and government attention has been sharply focused on food safety. New processes like cloning and nanotechnology make the issue even more of a concern to end users. Whatever you decide is right for you and your family, it's good to know that you have alternatives for assuring the natural wholesomeness of the foods you eat.
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