A Real Pain In The Neck

Over the last 20 years, neck pain has increased to the point where it now ranks second only to back pain as the most common musculoskeletal disorder. Women are more likely than men to experience persistent neck pain, and it's suffered in large part by workers performing repetitive tasks including keyboarding. To address this issue, Danish researchers recruited 94 women from assembly line and office environments, and assigned them to either supervised specific strength training, high-intensity general fitness training or (the control group) general health counseling without any training.

The group engaged in general fitness training reported some decreases in neck pain, but only immediately after training. However, the group that had very specific strength training to shoulder and neck muscles realized a lasting reduction in pain long after their training concluded. Based on these results, researchers recommended 20-minute dynamic strength training sessions for painful muscle groups 3 times a week.

The Bigger Picture: Despite the positive results of this study, we wouldn't recommend training your neck or back muscles without qualified instruction and a talk with your doctor. On the other hand, after you're cleared for resistance and cardio training, we do encourage regular exercise along with a balanced diet of whole foods. We'd be interested to hear how eating right and working out has benefited your life. Tell us by responding below.
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Edgar Torres
Jan 26, 2008
I have lost lots of fat pounds, eating each 3 hours keep my energy in a good level, feeling not hungry that avoids eats lots of food and sometimes this is junk food. Working out is the bset thing I have done, my body is in shape, your sex appeal goes to heavens and improves sexual perfomance!