The Many Wonders Of Soy

Soy protein is one of the few complete vegetable proteins, meaning that it includes all 8 Essential Amino Acids that your body cannot produce on its own and must take in through food and supplements. A number of studies have suggested that soy can play a positive role in bone and cardiovascular health. Now an examination of 8 human studies reveals that the hypolipidaemic and hypocholesterolaemic properties of soy peptides can help lower blood pressure, increase nitric oxide expression, improve insulin resistance and aid weight loss.

The Bigger Picture: There is no one-size-fits-all protein that's perfect for every need. An increasing body of evidence continues to present soy as a very valuable protein source for promoting an ever-increasing number of healthy applications. For those of you who enjoy a stimulating session in the gym, soy is also a great muscle-building protein for post-workout consumption with high bioavailability, low fat and zero sugar.
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