The 20th Anniversary Arnold

If you've visited any of the hundreds of online bodybuilding forums lately, or read any of the industry magazines, then you certainly have felt the buzz going around for the 2008 Arnold Fitness Expo that is coming up quick on February 29, March 1 and March 2 in Columbus, Ohio. For those of you who have never made the trek to the Greater Columbus Convention Center for the Arnold Fitness Expo, and are a fan of supplements and bodybuilding, this is an event you HAVE to attend. Last year saw a record crowd of more than 150,000 people come through to experience the ultimate supplement giveaway of the year. Not only that, but fans got to meet their favorite pros, and some of the lucky ones got to meet the "Govenator" himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, along with many other celebrities.

As always, Optimum Nutrition will lead the way with some of the best giveaways and athletes at the Expo. Those of you who have been to our booth at the Arnold before know we always have a line throughout the weekend. The reason? It's simple. We give away the most samples, have arguably the best athletes and our Arnold Fitness Expo Collector's Shirt is a fan favorite every year. But like always, there will be new items and new surprises that will make all of our fans happy. This year, we're making the line easier to get through, so everyone will have a chance to stop by. All we ask is that your first stop when entering the expo floor is the ON booth #901. Make sure to come by the booth, and be the first to sample and learn about our latest products. Keep checking back at for updates as we get closer to the show.
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sherill howell
Feb 17, 2008
i be there.............
Feb 18, 2008
I'm on my way to arnold's meeting