Portion Control beats Portioning

Portion Control beats portioning when it comes to weight loss

Formerly it was believed that how you ate was as important, if not more important than, what you ate. However, a resent study in the journal Pediatrics suggests that the reverse may actually be true or at least that the speed with which you eat your meals has less of an impact than previously thought.

When researchers fed 18 teens a fast food meal consisting of about 1320 calories (a) all at once, (b) in 4 separate portions, or (c) in 4 separate portions in intervals 15 minutes apart, they found no significant difference in the total amount of calories that they consumed. In all scenarios, they either ate until they were full or until all of the food was gone.

Though previous research has demonstrated that people's appetites are driven by visual cues meaning the more that you put in front of them, the more that they'll eat the researchers were surprised that portioning and the rate at which the food was feed to the participants had no significant effect on total consumption. The high fat, sugar, and calorie content of the fast food meals coupled with the low nutrient density and overall good taste of the meal was offered as a possible suggestion for why the teens did not stop eating sooner.

The Bigger Picture: While more research needs to be done to confirm these findings, creatine supplementation appears more likely to help, than harm, exercise tolerance in hot conditions. Of the over 100 studies on creatine supplementation to date, not one has causally linked use of this popular supplement to muscular cramping. Regardless of whether you choose to use, limit, or avoid creatine supplements, always make sure to consume plenty of fluids when training in the heat.
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