Artificial Sweeteners & Real Fat

A new study from Purdue University challenges the findings of previous studies suggesting that artificial sweeteners assist with weight loss. Scientists fed male rats glucose (sugar) or artificially sweetened yogurt. They found that the rats who dined on the synthetically-sweetened yogurt increased their caloric intake along with fat deposits and overall body weight. The hypothesis followed that widespread food industry use of artificial sweeteners may have similar effects on human caloric intake, body weight and fat deposition.

The Bigger Picture: Whether you favor sugar or artificial sweeteners, most health experts agree that the best way to control weight is to reduce caloric intake, lower food energy density and increase physical exercise. Energy density is calculated by dividing calories per serving by gram weight of serving. You don't need a calculator to know that low energy-density foods are unprocessed, rich in nutrients and have a high content of fiber and/or water.
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