NEW Gold Standard 24 Pak

Gold Standard 24 Pak is for people who train with intensity. You know that eating 5 to 7 smaller meals each day is ideal for keeping your body fueled with muscle building amino acids. Immediately before and after working out, you use fast-acting whey protein isolates to promote recovery. Because your body won't be taking in nutrients for 7 to 8 hours or more when you're sleeping, slowly digesting casein is your choice right before bed. Now both of these high bioavailability proteins are available in one convenient 'Pak' for around the clock amino acid delivery.

ON's new 24-hour protein stack is the easy way to provide comprehensive support for your resistance training efforts. Each serving of 100% Whey Gold Standard and Gold Standard 100% Casein provides 24 grams of quality protein along with very desirable EAA and BCCA profiles, glutamine and precursors, and patented enzymes to enhance utilization. It's available right now in popular chocolate and vanilla flavors.

The Bigger Picture: Not only have we made it easier to keep your muscles primed for gains 24 hours a day, but every Gold Standard 24 Pak includes a bonus to help you mix up the perfect shake every time. The industry's best shaker cup features a huge 30-ounce capacity that's very well suited for stacking your favorite supplements, a re-sealable drinking spout and removable insert that holds ice cubes securely in place. The FREE shaker cup shows that you can depend on ON for consistent quality, value and convenience...24 hours a day.
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