New Nutrition Quality Ratings

Figuring out what's a healthy food choice and what isn't can sometimes be a daunting task. A number of grocery chains are about to make the process easier for their customers. Two new nutrition rating systems are scheduled to appear on packaging. The Index of Nutrition Quality (INQ) and Overall Nutrition Quality Index (ONQI) were designed to help consumers distinguish between nutritious foods and those that are lacking.

ONQI was developed by health experts to weigh positives like fiber and omega-3 fatty acids against negatives like saturated fats and cholesterol. A food product can score anywhere from 1 to 100, the larger the number the higher the overall nutritional value. A walnut scores 82 points on the ONQI scale, while strawberries rate a perfect 100. Pretzel sticks only manage 9 points. The INQ format employs a similarly simple rating system.

The Bigger Picture: Any easy-to-use system that helps consumers make healthier food choices should be welcomed in the marketplace, especially by athletes. Look for one of these nutritional rating guides at your favorite grocery in the near future. Until then, you can't really go wrong eating whole foods that are sold in as close to their natural state as possible. Also, check the Nutrition Facts label on packaging to see how much and what types of ingredients are included in each serving. Remember, there may be more than one serving listed even if the container seems like a single-serving package.
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Mar 05, 2008
This idea is great.