Creatine Won't Cramp Your Style

It jumps out at you from fitness blogs and online forums all the time: Creatine cramps you up and causes dehydration. Are these declarations fact-based or just isolated hearsay? Research that appears in the January edition of the British Journal of Sports Medicine put science to the test.

The outcome was exactly the opposite of what folklore would have your believe. Creatine's unfounded reputation for dehydration and cramping was debunked by the fact that it improves heat tolerance and works to maintain blood plasma volume, a key to regulating body temperature stability, while training in a hot environment. Creatine even helps to combat the negative effects of reduced body water in dehydrated subjects.

The Bigger Picture: Over 200 studies have examined the effectiveness and safety of creatine use. Despite this, and as popular as this supplement is, creatine continues to get a bad rap in some quarters. Now that you know it isn't likely to make you dehydrated or cramped up, don't forget to keep yourself adequately hydrated while training...even if you are a regular creatine user.
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Feb 26, 2008
Any info on Kre-Alkalyn?