L-Arginine For N.O. & More

If you've spent time at a gym that's frequented by serious strength athletes, you're well aware of the nitric oxide (N.O.) activating qualities of the conditionally essential amino acid L-arginine. N.O. is a vasodialator that expands blood vessels to increase blood flow. Bodybuilders appreciate the way this promotes the 'pump.' L-arginine can also contribute to protein synthesis, the process behind muscle fiber growth.

In a recent review of literature, Australian scientists found that L-arginine may help preserve bone density, guard against the oxidative effects of free radicals and reduce blood pressure. Their findings were published in Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition.

The Bigger Picture: Like other amino acids, L-arginine serves many purposes in the human body. Used as directed, it can have a positive impact your efforts in the gym. Of course, the commitment to hard work and dialed-in diet need to be established before this or any nutritional supplement can do anything for you.
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