High-Protein Diets Work Long-Term

Dieters and bodybuilders prepping for contests have long known that high-protein diets are effective for short-term weight loss. Australian researchers decided to test the benefits over a longer span of time, so they recruited a group of 79 middle-aged women and assigned half to a high-protein diet while the rest consumed a diet high in carbohydrates.

Although members of both groups cheated during the course of the 64-week study, with protein dieters eating more carbs and carb dieters eating more proteins than requested, the women who consumed the highest percentage of proteins lost the most weight; about 14 pounds during the course of the study. While the other protein eaters lost 10 pounds on average, the carb dieters managed slightly more than 7 pounds of weight loss. So a high-protein diet worked about twice as well.

The Bigger Picture: If you can stick with a program of eating a higher percentage of protein, avoiding processed foods and unhealthy saturated fats, exercising regularly with a combination of resistance training and cardio, you are much more likely to lose weight and maintain a leaner physique.
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