Pet Ownership Impacts Exercise

Does having a dog to walk make you get out and be more active? What about a cat? Research on 41,514 Californians recently published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health reveals that dog owners were more likely to walk for recreational purposes but less likely to walk as a means of transportation. Reasons for walking aside, dog owners walked an average of 19 minutes more each week than cat owners and people who didn't own pets. Scientists concluded that there was a moderate association between having a dog in the family and higher levels of physical activity.

The Bigger Picture: Whether it's exercising Rover, playing tag in the park with your kids or going for long hikes in the woods, being more physically active can very positively impact your mood, level of energy, body weight and overall health. The fact that your cat doesn't want to come along shouldn't keep you inside, especially now that Spring is about to be sprung.
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