Apple A Day Weight Loss

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average American consumed around 3,800 calories per day in 2000. In 1970, the average was 3,300 calories. And it was 3,000 calories during the late 1950s. Part of this increase can be attributed to larger portion sizes and increased soft drink consumption. Of course, making yourself eat and drink less is harder than it seems.

Here's a calorie-cutting tip discovered by researchers at Pennsylvania State University. They had male and female subjects eat either 1-1/2 apples, which equates to 125 calories, or the same amount of applesauce or apple juice before sitting down to a meal of cheese tortellini. The apple-eating subjects consumed 200 fewer calories during their meal than the applesauce eaters or juice drinkers.

The Bigger Picture: Scientists believe that the increased effort of eating an apple tricked the brain's appetite center into believing that the stomach was full. Whatever the explanation, eating an apple before meals could be an easy and healthy way to cut some calories out of your diet.
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Mar 28, 2008
This piece of info is so true cause i've been on this for a while now & it seems to work for me.A small catch though, make sure you eat this apple & combine it with an orange if possible.This makes you feel full & compliments the flavors too.