Remain Active To Stay Healthy

Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of healthy eating and regular physical activity. Now a new study from the University of Missouri suggests a link between inactivity and the development of health risk factors. Researchers had very active individuals in Copenhagen reduce the number of steps they took each day from a mean average of 6,000 to around 1,400. An average for inactive Americans would be 2,100 steps a day.

These Danish study participants were encouraged to use escalators, elevators and automobiles instead of walking whenever possible. After just two weeks, they had more abdominal fat and less skeletal muscle. Even worse, tests on these individuals revealed elevated blood levels of glucose and lipids. It also took their bodies longer to clear glucose and lipids from the blood stream.

The Bigger Picture: Two weeks isn't a whole lot of time for your body's metabolism to start going south on you. Imagine what might happen if you stopped exercising for a year! The point is to maintain a routine of regular exercise and to stay motivated. Recording your training accomplishments in a journal is a great way to keep your focus on making consistent gains.
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