Whole Grains Trim Belly Fat

If that spare tire around your mid-section is getting the better of you, Penn State researchers may have an answer. They conducted a 12-week calorie cutting study involving 50 obese men and women. Half were encouraged to choose whole grain foods while the rest consumed refined grains. In the end, both groups lost between 8 and 11 pounds. But the whole grain dieters realized a greater reduction in waistline size. They also lowered blood levels of the C-reactive proteins that raise risk factors for a number of health concerns.

The Bigger Picture: Because whole grain foods like oatmeal, whole-wheat pasta and granola retain the fiber components and antioxidant nutrients that are reduced through refined grain processing, they can make you feel fuller while enhancing your overall health profile. Be sure to check the Nutrition Facts label on foods advertised as whole grain to make sure the phrase 'whole grain' appears first on the list of ingredients.
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Apr 18, 2008
A healthy diet and exercice, allways, are a excellent recomendation!