Who's Got Your Back At The Gym?

Next time you hit the gym, take a good look around. If the analysis of a 2003 National Health Interview Study completed by 29,783 adults is correct, then it's quite likely that you're pumping iron with well-educated and considerably fit individuals. The abstract, which was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, found that approximately 21% of American adults engaged in strength conditioning at least twice a week. Levels of participation rise with the degree of education and participation in aerobic fitness training.

The Bigger Picture: It should come as no surprise that people who are in-the-know make a point of staying in good physical shape. You can reasonably assume that it's because they are well aware of the benefits associated with a regular program of cardiovascular and resistance training. Are you playing it smart with your efforts in the gym? We can't put in the time for you, but we've got your back when it comes to consistently high quality sports nutrition.
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