Does Your Diet Make The Grade?

Everyone knows that a fast-food diet isn't the smartest approach to nutrition. Research recently published in the Journal of School Health shows just how ill-informed that choice can be. As part of a children's lifestyle and school performance study, scientists developed a Diet Quality Index to formulate a score based on dietary intake, height and weight.

Less healthful dietary components included saturated fats and salt while fruits, vegetables and proteins ranked much higher. A standardized literary assessment was administered and multilevel regression methods applied to the analysis of data. In the end, it was determined that the students who got the least amount of their daily caloric intake from fats, were much less likely to fail the literary assessment.

The Bigger Picture: This study suggests that there is a strong correlation between healthy eating and academic performance. Thinking about it another way, it's been fairly well established that a healthy diet can have a very positive effect on your physical well-being. Now it appears that those benefits also extend to mental capacity. So, obviously, eating right is the smart thing to do.

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