Build Lean Mass With GLYCOMAIZE

In your eternal quest to become bigger and stronger, you're very well aware of the value of protein. Not only do you have to take in enough protein to satisfy your body's basic daily requirements, you need even more to fuel muscular gains. By eating eggs, skinless chicken breast, lean red meats, cold water fish, cottage cheese and other quality protein sources, Americans generally get an adequate amount. Bodybuilders and strength athletes tend to need more, which is why protein powders are such popular supplements.

Here's another tool that weight lifters can use for supporting muscle size and strength goals. GLYCOMAIZE is a combination of the popular carbohydrates waxy maize starch and trehalose. Waxy maize is a high molecular weight carbohydrate that clears through the stomach rapidly and is absorbed immediately. Trehalose is a slower digesting carbohydrate. The combination of these two carb sources helps provide your body with immediate as well as intermediate energy. Patented Carbogen enzymes aid digestion and enhance utilization.

During intense physical activity, your muscles burn glycogen as an energy source. This polysaccharide of glucose is the primary short-term energy source in humans and other animals. GLYCOMAIZE was formulated to help top off muscle glycogen stores before a contest or training, and also to replenish spent muscle glycogen after your event. The simple carbohydrates in GLYCOMAIZE can also play a role in shuttling nutrients into muscle cells, which can have a positive impact on anabolic processes.

Another advantage that makes GLYCOMAIZE particularly useful post-workout is the fact that it is unflavored and instantized. So it's easy to mix into a protein shake, BCAA powder or just about any other powdered or liquid supplement. Due to increased demand, GLYCOMAIZE is now available in economy sized 75-serving tubs. Look for it at your favorite supplement retailer.

Joe Lyons
2007 NPC Palmetto Cup Overall Champion
ON Athlete
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