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May 18, 2007
I love the Perfect is Relative ads. I look forward to seeing more of them in the future. I guess even the pros aren't perfect in their eyes. Back to the weights!
Matt Mclean
May 19, 2007
Yeah, I too like the new ON ads. I would love to have George Farah's arm size. I like how you can compare your arm size to Georges. But hey George is an awsome athlete and if you want his look you have to work hard like he does.
Steve Perez
May 22, 2007
Adds look great and very informative. That guy on the front page doing a curl is CHIZZLED! I want to get what he is on!
Thomas Jones
May 25, 2007
Ads look great and have valuable information. website has had a great makeover, and nice addition of the Total Gym Guy. I can relate to that body type.
Melissa Palmer
May 31, 2007
Ads are much better and contain great info. Total gym guy is ripped on your new site. Keep more pics coming!
patricia Johnston
Jun 06, 2007
I agree with the other comments. Total Gym guy is sexy. What is his name? Ads are better with great info. Back to the gym!