New Vassive N.O. Formula-X

Weight lifters live for the pumped-up feeling brought on by an intense workout. The precursor to this 'pump' is nitric oxide (N.O.), a cellular gas that dilates vessels to increase the flow of blood and nutrients to muscles. This action also helps clear the metabolic waste that can cause fatigue you during workouts.

Many studies recognize the conditionally essential amino acid arginine as one of the most effective N.O. activators. That's why there are 3 grams of arginine compounds in every serving of New Vassive N.O. Formula-X. Why call it 'Formula-X?' The Roman Numeral for 10 is very appropriate since each tablet includes 9 additional pump-potentiating compounds.

The Bigger Picture: With a sustained release formula of arginine, citrulline malate, quercetin, American ginseng and rhodiola extracts, histidine, cnidium monnier, norvaline, pomegranate and theobromine, New Vassive Formula-X can help keep your muscles full and vascular all day long.
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Apr 29, 2008
I got this sample sachet in a Whey Protein powder Container and I've tried it and the respond was very quick when muscle gets pumped, I hope this product sells in the Philippines