The Right Ratio For Muscle Growth

You've probably heard about the benefits that can be realized with a combination of proteins and carbohydrates immediately after exercising. But this isn't your average stack. There's a little more science involved. One study, which took place at Canada's McMaster University, used a carbohydrate to whey protein formula mixed 2-to-1. They used resistance-trained men for their research and found that this ratio doubled their rate of protein synthesis.

The Bigger Picture: Protein synthesis is the process behind muscle fiber growth and a major contributor to muscle strength and size gains. The scientists in this study theorized that if the trained athletes they used exhibited double the normal post-exercise rate of protein synthesis, ingesting proteins and carbohydrates in the 2:1 ratio could contribute to enhanced muscle mass gains over time. If you want to test this theory, ON's 2:1:1 Recovery rapid replenishment and recovery supplement is formulated with the same ratio.
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