Treadmill Or Neighborhood Run?

Running on a treadmill is convenient, and a great way to multitask your daytime TV viewing with exercise. Running outside, on the other hand, is ideal for those who want to enjoy different scenery along with the challenge of running up and down grades that aren't programmed into a machine. Other than those obvious differences, isn't the quality of your workout about the same?

Scientists from the American College of Sports Medicine used sophisticated measuring devices to study the kinematic and kinetic parameters of 20 runners on a treadmill and over a road course. Although they recorded significant differences in knee and joint movement along with joint power trajectories, the fact is treadmill running mechanics can be matched to the over ground experience as long as the treadmill surface is stiff enough and belt speed is regulated properly.

The Bigger Picture: If you live in a congested urban area, air quality can be an important consideration. Breathing heavy behind city busses belching thick exhaust can fill your lungs with unhealthy particulate matter. So running on a treadmill in a controlled indoor environment is a much smarter choice in that situation. Either way, getting out there and doing the cardio helps keep your shape in shape.
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Jun 02, 2008
i have to say...that running outdoors beats running on a treadmill. ive done loads of running on a treadmill (on steep inclines to simulate te outsoors at moderate/fast speeds), but as soon as i run outside its not the at all what so ever. i have to say running outside is the better of the two.
Aug 09, 2008
I think there is no difference between the two except if you were running out door on the beach sands vs. running flat on the treadmill...t-mills can also go on an incline to match running outdoors up an all basically boils down to what speed, motion, climate and several other factors you a are running under. "A pound of feather is the same as a pound of lead" no wet the feather and the factor/condition changes…..
Just my 2 cents.
Outdoor is just plain FUN