Make Juice Part Of Your Breakfast

Being 'juiced' has a lot of very negative connotations. But French researchers have discovered that natural grape and apple juice may have some very positive properties for health-conscious people. BBC News reported that these scientists fed one group of fatty diet consuming hamsters purple grape and apple juice as well as the whole fruits of the same variety. Another group ate the same fatty foods and drank water. The antioxidant properties of the juice and fruits resulted in lower cholesterol levels, fat accumulation and oxidative stress.

The Bigger Picture. While this study did not use humans as subjects, you can make the assumption that natural juices and fruits can have a positive antioxidant effect in your system. Tests showed that purple grape juice had the strongest protective influence, with purple grapes coming in second. These fruits also provide dietary fiber, offering yet another set of healthy benefits. And if you're concerned about sugar and carbohydrates first thing in the morning, work your fruits and juices in after training to help replenish muscle glycogen stores.
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