Too Much Of A Good Thing

Everyone knows that junk food isn't any good for you. That's how this category got its name. Now here's a development that may shock you: A recent study by the World Health Organization suggests that overzealous commitment to eating healthy foods can impact the development of children as negatively as junk food.

Researchers discovered that kids who had too much fiber and too little fat in their diets were filling up so quickly on whole grains and fruits that they didn't have room to consume protein-rich dairy, egg and meat selections. Proteins contain essential amino acids that serve as the building bocks for muscle and other tissues.

The Bigger Picture: Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes. And planning menus with plenty of variety is a good way to make sure your family gets the full spectrum of nutrients. Try to eat a colorful rainbow of fruits and vegetables, but leave enough room for selections containing protein, calcium and healthy fats.
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