Smart Snacking Makes Sense

Admit it. You like to grab a snack between meals. Especially during the late afternoon when a soda or another cup of coffee just isn't enough to get you going again. You're not alone. A Fly Research study of English snacking habits found that 96% of British adults regularly engage in snacking. 37% of these snackers said they typically choose fruit while 34% preferred chocolate.

The Bigger Picture: A spokesperson for the British Nutrition Foundation said that sensible mid-morning and afternoon snacks between 3 smaller meals can assist with weight maintenance while providing a boost in both mood and energy. It's particularly important for children to snack, since their small stomachs make it difficult to consume enough nutrients during regular mealtimes. Of course, the secret to success is sticking with healthy whole foods, avoiding sugary treats and not overeating during regular meals.
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