ON Website Poll Results

Earlier this month, we asked what you thought of the new optimumnutrition.com and nearly 1,000 of you told us… so far.

• On average, you gave us a 4.44 (out of 5) on the design; a 4.51 on the usability; 4.39 for the content; and 4.46 overall.

• While the overwhelming majority of you really liked the new site as-is, a few of you had some recommendations too.

These are some of the more common requests:

   ° add an online forum
   ° provide more diet, training, and supplementation articles
   ° expand general workout and nutrition plans
   ° include athlete bios and personal diet/training tips
   ° recommend product “stacks”
   ° offer more contests and sample give-away’s

• A small group of you also took the time to tell us what you thought of the new ON packaging designs too. About 85% of the people who mentioned the new packaging thought that it looked “clean,” “modern,” “slick,” and “updated.” 13% thought that the previous packaging looked better (though a few stated that they might just need some time to get used to it). The remainder of this group didn’t care one way or another as long as the product inside was as good as, or better than, they’ve come to expect.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the 30 second poll. Rest assured, all of your suggestions are being taken under serious consideration and many of the things that you asked for are already in the works. If you have a comment, critique, or recommendation about the new website, packaging update, products or anything else that you think that we should consider, click here.

Either way, be sure to check back periodically for the latest updates.
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Heather Moore
May 30, 2007
I have to say that I'm glad you got some guys on their that don't look like their on roids all the time. The Total Gym Guy is a perfect addition for optimum. I would like to see some more nutrition articles geared towards the women as well.