Salmon Steak Trifecta

It's a fact that many dieters and even some strength athletes don't work enough fat into their meal planning. This is particularly true of healthy fats like the Omega 3s found in cold water fish. That's not the only reason to cook up a salmon steak. They're also a great source of protein and vitamins.

A 3.5-ounce smoked salmon filet serves up 60.5 grams of protein, 11.5 grams of fat which includes 7.5 grams of healthy fatty acids along with 360 IU vitamin D, 103 IU vitamin A, and some vitamin B12 and E as well. There are no carbohydrates and just 345 calories.

The Bigger Picture: With 3 very good reasons to work salmon into your diet, and a number of ways to prepare it as a dish, there's no reason not to enjoy this plentiful bounty from the ocean. Unless you don't care for the taste of seafood. In that case, there are nutritional supplements available to help you fill the void.
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