Limited Whey Flavors Here to Stay

Why is ON 100% Whey Gold Standard the sports nutrition industry's best selling protein powder year after year? Superior formulation, quality, consistency, and value are just a few of the many reasons. And then there's taste. Thanks to overwhelming feedback stating that our Mocha Cappuccino and Caramel Toffee Fudge flavors are two of the most delicious flavors ever created, both are now available as permanent flavors in 2 & 5 pound sizes everywhere premium sports nutrition products are sold.

Why You Need Whey Protein
Hard-training athletes need fast-acting, high-quality protein to support lean muscle. That's why we formulated 100% Whey Gold Standard with HYDROWHEY Whey Peptides, as peptides are commonly recognized as being the most bioavailable (useable by the body) form of whey protein there is. Ultrafiltered Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) is rich in naturally-occurring bioactive microfractions offering unique and valuable benefits to athletes. Of course, Whey Protein Isolates (WPI) from a combination of Ion-Exchange and Cross-Flow Microfiltered Isolates are the primary proteins in ON 100% Whey Gold Standard. Providing unprecedented levels of pure protein by dry weight, Whey Protein Isolates are unsurpassed as a source of Essential Amino Acids (EAAs).

Why You Want Our Whey Protein
Without an incredibly consistent level of quality, even the best whey formulation can suffer. For this reason, ON has owned and operated its own GMP-approved manufacturing facilities for over 20 years and has been making 100% Whey Gold Standard for over a decade. We believe controlling every aspect of production is the only way to make sure you enjoy exceptional value and results with every 100% Whey Gold Standard shake you make whether you choose Mocha Cappuccino, Caramel Toffee Fudge or one of many other delicious flavors.

Fast-Acting HYDROWHEY Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides
Provides Whey Protein Microfractions
More than 5 grams of BCAAs
Over 4 grams of GLUTAMINE & Precursors
INSTANTIZED to Mix with a Spoon
Aminogen Digestive Enzymes
Made in the U.S.A. at Our Own GMP-Approved Facility
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Jun 12, 2008
your [gold standard-"100%-whey"-is just "incredible/great results-producing"! please keep improving this fantastic-product "even more"? its the worlds-best,but how much more better it will be-"with future improvements"! its an [astounding-protein/product].
Samit Gupta
Jun 12, 2008
Fabulous! This is just what we wanted. The Caramel Toffee is an incredible flavor.
ken reed
Jun 14, 2008
Sometimes I'm on the road driving a truck and I don;t have time to mix powderd protein drinks due to the fact that I'm in a truck most of the day. Let me ask you a question? Do you think one day someone can come up with the idea of making a protein tablet or pill for those who don't have the time to mix up powderd protein. Let me know what your thought is on that.
Jun 23, 2008
ken reed, mix a bunch of whey in a half-gallon shaker and take it with you in a cooler. Take a sip every 2 hours.
Jun 24, 2008
I hope that chocolate malt makes it also to the generally available list
Sam Kod
Jul 28, 2008
I can't wait to try these new flavors!