Poor Diet = Bad Memory

You are what you eat, as the saying goes. New research from the Medical University of South Carolina might rephrase that to don't dumb yourself down with a dumb diet. A study of lab mice revealed that eating lots of unsaturated fat and cholesterol packed foods can lead to memory loss. This condition resulted from brain inflammation and the impairment of protein structures that control nerve cell function. Scientists theorized that, if continued indefinitely, a poor diet might also contribute to declines in vision, hearing and other organs.

The Bigger Picture: It's reasonable to assume that if a high fat/high cholesterol diet negatively affects lab mice, it probably isn't ideal for other mammals either. That includes humans. So ditch the donuts in favor of whole wheat toast. Fill up on fruits and vegetables. And if you must have a plate-load of beef for dinner, make it a lean cut. Better still, switch to chicken breast and salmon filets.
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