Protein & Fiber Shake Works Out

It's a well-documented fact that over 75% of the people who initially lose some weight through dieting gain it all back within a year. Incorporating exercise into the equation can help while providing benefits beyond weight control. Here's another strategy to add to the mix.

Scientists from the University of Oklahoma had volunteers undertake a program that combined weight training with about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. They were fed a low-calorie diet that emphasized protein and fiber, although carbohydrates and fats were allowed. Their shakes contained 40 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per serving, a little less than 2 servings of ON's NitroCore 24.

The Bigger Picture: The protein and fiber supplementers in this group effectively increased lean mass and decreased body fat. They also gained in terms of weightlifting strength and endurance. Through this combination of smart eating and hard training, the dieters achieved impressive results. The secret is to not only stick with your program, but to build on your accomplishments. Add weight when your lifts become too easy, or increase the number of reps.
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Jun 28, 2008
I've read the article above, would someone please email me at and explain to me why fiber should be added tot he protein supplement? I see that more lean muscle was added, but the story doesn't explain what the fibers role is.