Thinking Too Thin

There's been a lot of talk in the media about self-image and the harm it can do to teenagers. A new German Health Interview and Examination Study shows that perception can indeed override reality in the world of adolescents. Researchers talked with over 7,000 boys and girls age 11 to 17, and had them self-assess their weight and general disposition. Although 75% of these teens were normal weight, and 7.5% were actually underweight, 55% of the girls and 36% of the boys saw themselves as being too fat.

The Bigger Picture: Strangely enough, the obese kids who viewed themselves as being about the right weight enjoyed a better overall quality of life than normal weight teens who thought they were fat. This kind of positive thinking can work for people in any age bracket. So try applying an optimistic outlook to eating right and exercising regularly. It could end up having you feeling and looking your best.
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