Stacked In Your Favor

Your goal is to build the most muscle with every workout. So consider the long-held practice of supplement stacking. A stack can be a 24-hour cycle of supplements taken to promote a specific goal, or one or more complementary ingredients added to a single supplement. We'll put both variations to work here.

Using Vassive-N.O. as your foundation, you'll cover all pre-workout considerations with caffeine for energy, creatine for power and arginine for promoting mind-blowing pumps. With a scoop of Threshold and you'll add beta-alanine's workout extending benefits to the mix.

During your training, Vassive-EA8 can help keep you hydrated while fueling size and strength gains with 10 grams of free-form amino acids including 5 grams of BCAAs. That's giving your muscles something to build on before you even leave the gym. Soon as you finish, 2:1:1 Recovery puts the latest research to work with the ideal ratios of carbohydrates, proteins and added BCAAs.

The Bigger Picture: A recent study published in Sports Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism examining the benefits of an amino acid, arginine, and creatine stack reported favorable increases in overall strength. Read the labels carefully to avoid overlapping products with very similar ingredients, and be creative! The whole concept of stacking is to help you achieve your goals faster and better.
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Nov 09, 2008
Cane Threshold be mixed with VASSIVE-NO?