Recovery From Navy SEAL Training

You can imagine how intense Navy SEALs have to train for special warfare operations. Now the NSCA's Tactical Strength and Conditioning Report reveals their eating strategies for recovery. Within an hour of completing a workout, SEAL team members consume 10 ounces of 100% fruit juice to spike blood sugars and replenish lost fluids. Tomato juice is particularly effective because the sodium content provides electrolyte support. A whole grain carbohydrate/protein energy bar is also consumed to assist with glycogen replenishment and promote insulin production. They make sure it contains no hydrogenated (trans) fats.

The Bigger Picture: After the initial recovery meal, SEALs consume a number of small meals consisting of macronutrient-rich foods like low-fat yogurts, chocolate milk, almonds, tuna and salmon. This eating strategy closely resembles a bodybuilder's diet, with carbs and protein soon after training followed by a healthy mix of smaller-sized meals consumed a few hours apart throughout the day. If it's good enough for Navy SEALs, this recovery technique is bound to positively impact your strength and conditioning program.
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Matthew chambers
Jul 16, 2008
Interesting to know how the Elite eat!!