Write Stuff For Dieting Success

You try to watch what you eat, calculating calories and juggling macronutrient percentages. You do the work in the gym, even when the snooze alarm holds enormous appeal. Here's another tactic to add to your weight loss arsenal: Keep a food journal.

Like the training journal you use to track workout progress, a food journal is an informal log of everything you consume during the day. That's food, snacks, beverages everything! Researchers from the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research found that this strategy helps hold dieters accountable for what they eat. In a study of 1,685 middle aged adults, those who kept a journal lost an average of 18 pounds over 6 weeks compared to the 13 pounds lost by those who didn't.

The Bigger Picture: Like the aforementioned training journal, writing down everything you eat for later review keeps you aware of everything you put into your body. There's no, "where did I go wrong" with this approach. Sure, it's bound to be somewhat tedious just like sit ups. If it produces anywhere near the same kind of results, it's certainly worth trying!
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