Lose More By Lowering Carbs

What's the best diet for losing weight? That's a question authors of best-selling books and medical professionals have been struggling with for years. That latest survey, just published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that low-carb and Mediterranean style diets helped people lose more weight over a 2-year period than a low-fat menu planning approach.

On average, low-carb eating subjects lost 12 pounds, while those opting for a Mediterranean diet focused on fish and nuts lost 10 pounds and the low-fat dieters lost just over 7. The low-carb approach involved eating a higher percentage of proteins, and this group also realized the biggest improvements in HDL cholesterol levels.

The Bigger Picture: Although the weight loss differences between these groups of dieters weren't that dramatic, a little can add up year after year. It's also important to note this study's absence of an exercise program. Adding a regular workout routine to any diet approach can improve overall health while playing a very supportive role in weight loss and long-term management.
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