The Meat Of The Matter

If you think of the world as a place divided between carnivores and plant eaters, you're not taking those large gray areas into consideration. Some illumination can be found in a recent report from Research & Markets titled Vegetarian Consumer Trends. Believe it or not, the vast majority of Americans fall into subsets of these two groups.

Only 1% of the U.S. population reports never eating meat, and a larger but still comparatively small 14% segment says they eat meat with every meal. The vast majority of consumers (47%) eat meat at most meals while 25% choose meat about half the time. The other 13% eats meat at fewer than half their meals.

The Bigger Picture: Whether it's for weight management or another reason, around 18 million adults don't eat any meat. But they still need proteins for lean tissue repair and rebuilding. Excellent vegetarian sources of complete proteins (containing all 8 essential amino acids) include soy, white, black and kidney beans as well as chickpeas. Those who occasionally eat meat can utilize a wide variety of protein powders to make up the difference.
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