Boning Up On Grapefruit Pulp

No doubt you've heard about the bone health benefits offered by calcium and vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin plays a major role in calcium absorption, in addition its many other functions in the human body. But you're young and in shape. What to you care? Fact is, bone loss happens to everyone the older and less active we get. Maintaining bone health now can keep you training hard for longer as the years progress.

So what can you do for your bones in addition to calcium and vitamin D supplementation? Research recently published in the journal Nutrition found a possible link between grapefruit pulp and bone mineral density. During a 60-day trial, consumption of red grapefruit pulp slowed the rate of bone resorption (the breakdown of bone and release of mineral content) while increasing mineral buildup and calcium absorption. These effects were directly related to the quantity of grapefruit consumed.

The Bigger Picture: While this research was conducted on male lab rats and may or may not translate into human benefits, it's still a significant finding and a great incentive to help you get those 5 recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day. However, the effect of some medications may be enhanced by grapefruit juice. Consult with a qualified healthcare professional if you have any questions about the medications you're taking.
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