Got Choking Down To A Science

Both fans and non-fans are fond of proclaiming that one sports club or another has the art of choking down to a science. Whether it's last up in the bottom of the 9th or 4th and long, when the pressure's on anything can and oftentimes does go wrong. This begs the question, can outcomes of this nature be predicted?

A recent analysis of World Cup, European Championship and UEFA league soccer by the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology revealed that avoidance behavior, defined as looking away from the goalkeeper during a penalty shot or rushing through preparation, occurred most often when a miss would result in the shooting team's defeat. When a win would result from a goal, the penalty shot kicker was much more attentive and focused on success.

The Bigger Picture: The lesson here is that if you want something badly enough, it's more likely to happen. That's true whether you're trying to score the winning run, touchdown, goal or just trying to motivate yourself to keep eating clean and hitting the gym on a regular basis. Think positive and make it happen.
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