Heady Ideas For Weight Control

Yesterday, we discussed the weighty issue of low GI carbs. The day before, we looked at how increased exercise can extend slimming success. Today's tip for weight control explores new research into the role that antioxidants might play. Scientists from the Yale School of Medicine found that the appetite center of your brain burns fat for fuel, and that minute-by-minute appetite is regulated by free radicals. The study appears in the journal Nature.

Now here's the scary part of this study: Each time you eat to the point of fullness, you're maximizing the production of free radials and quite possibly chipping away at your lifespan. Free radicals create oxidative stress within your system and may accelerate aging and neurodegeneration. Researchers suggest that consuming antioxidants like vitamins C and E, and the peptide glutathione, during a meal can help control appetite as well as free radical production.

The Bigger Picture: It's always a good idea to take multivitamins with food, and this research underscores the importance of oral antioxidants at meal time. It also presents a very good argument for strict portion control. In addition to the free radical issue, eating until you're stuffed packs on pounds with way too many calories.
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