It's All In Your Head

If you think that regular consumption of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals is important for building a better body, you're absolutely right. By extension, these micro- and macronutrients are also essential to optimizing mental functions.

Have you ever felt moody or tired because you missed meal or two? Similar to the way muscles use glycogen, carbohydrates are your brain's main source of fuel. Proteins are equally important, since amino acids are a major component of your neurotransmitter cell signaling network. The 8 essential amino acids have to be taken in through dietary protein. And don't forget about healthy fats. They help you body and brain absorb nutrients vital to many functions.

The Bigger Picture: Your body is a synergistic system. You know how you feel sharper mentally after a good workout? You'll enhance that feeling and get more out of your training by committing to a balanced diet. So don't try to forgo carbohydrates or fats, even if you're dieting. Moderation is a much better strategy.
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