A Perfect 11

Until yesterday, the measure of Olympic perfection was 10. Americans Carl Lewis and Mark Spitz, Paavo Nurmi of Finland and Larissa Latynina who represented the former Soviet Union all won 10 Gold medals over the course of their Olympic careers. Wednesday in Beijing, Michael Phelps won the men's 200-meter butterfly and swam the opening leg of the American team's victory in the 4x200 freestyle relay, giving him 11 Golds one more than any Olympian in the history of the games. And he plans on competing in four more events!

The Bigger Picture: Training by itself, even with perfect genetics, won't take you to the very top. Being the best of the best requires a lifetime commitment to training and nutrition. Then there's the all-important goal. Start out by setting a very attainable objective and work your way up from there. Whether it's a Baltimore swimming pool or the neighborhood gym, everyone has to start somewhere.

Medal Tally (as of noon CDT): USA 29 [10 Gold, 8 Silver, 11 Bronze], China 27, South Korea 13, Australia 12, Russia 12
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