3 Weightlifting Records & A Gold

Host country China has dominated Olympic weightlifting with the men winning 3 Golds and the women matching that performance medal for medal. The game's most impressive victory so far came during yesterday's clean and jerk competition when Liu Chunhong set 3 new world records on the way to her 69 kilogram (152 lbs) division win.

With the total of 3 lifts combined for overall weight, Liu started off with snatching 120 kg (265 lbs.), which was 5 kg more than any other competitor. Her second lift was 125 kg (276 lbs), and her third was 128 kg (282 lbs), both of which set new world records. So did her 286 kg (631 lbs) total.

The Bigger Picture: Successfully defending an Olympic title and, in the process, beating the previous world record by an amazing 10 kg (22 lbs) requires incredible skill and determination. Imagine what it would take to lift nearly twice your body weight over your head. Knowing that it's possible might be the motivation you need to rethink that stale routine you've been following.

Medal Tally (as of Noon CDT) China 35, USA 34 [10 Gold, 9 Silver, 15 Bronze], South Korea 16, Australia 16, France 15
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