Keeping Joint Pain at Bay

Whether it's just the natural stimuli of the season taking control over our bodies or a deliberate attempt to get into better shape, everyone gets more physically active during the summer months of the year. The increase in activity doesn't come without a cost. Over time, especially in active individuals, the cartilage that cushions joints is worn down resulting in an uncomfortable (in severe cases downright painful) friction. This condition, known as joint inflammation, is flagged by swelling, redness, or heat and afflicts millions of Americans. Fortunately, with the help of supplements the discomfort can be minimized. In a study published in the journal Clinical Drug Investigations, 118 patients diagnosed with arthritis were treated with either 500 mg of glucosamine, 500 mg of MSM, a combination of the two, or a placebo. Both glucosamine and MSM were found to be effective at lowering the patients' pain scores when taken separately, but the greatest reduction was seen when the two were taken in combination.

The Bigger Picture: If you've noticed any joint pain or discomfort or if you're an active individual, you may want to consider a joint support product. Glucosamine and MSM are available as either single-source or multiple ingredient products in a wide variety of potencies. The addition of a joint support product to your diet and supplementation plan may be just what you need to keep enjoying your sport of choice from the heart of the action instead of the sideline.
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