Opportunity Knocks While Training

You're a regular at the gym and savvy enough to be training in phases, cutting during the warmer months then focusing on bulking when the days get shorter, making regular rearrangements to your routine every 8 weeks or so. Newbies ask you about pre- and post-workout nutrition, and you're cool enough to guide them down a path that fits their skills, needs, and goals. It's hard to believe that even you could be missing out on an opportunity that's available during each and every workout.

All that heavy training really gets you going. Not only are veins jumping out of your skin and the pumps massive, but sweat's streaming head to toes. If these are your personal markers for workout accomplishment, make sure you keep up with your fluid intake. Strength is the first thing to suffer when your body isn't adequately hydrated. What's worse, it doesn't take much. Research indicates that just 5% fluid loss is enough to significantly sap your strength.

Thirst is not an adequate indicator of fluid needs. Yes, a quick trip to the water fountain between sets seems satisfying enough, but chances are you're finished drinking before your body's fluid requirements are met. This is where flavored liquids come in handy. If common sense isn't enough, scientific studies confirm that athletes who use flavored drinks intake more fluids than those who consume plain old water. The reason is simple: Flavored drinks taste better. As an added bonus, many flavored sports drinks contain electrolytes and carbohydrates which help facilitate fluid delivery, so they actually hydrate better than water.

You can parlay the benefits of better hydration with faster recovery by mixing some Vassive-EA8 into your water or sports drink. This unique supplement is loaded with the essential amino acids (EAAs) your body requires for muscle repair and rebuilding. By sipping on it throughout your workout, you'll not only prime your body for faster recovery, the tangy Berry Burst flavor will keep you coming back for more supporting continued hydration.

Whatever your goals, whatever type of training you're doing, proper hydration is critically important to performance and overall health. While every athlete's unique, consuming 7 to 10 ounces of fluids roughly every 15 minutes is a good starting recommendation. What's more, you can gain from the amino acid benefits of Vassive-EA8 even on the days when you aren't training. Add a serving to your water or sports drink to keep going strong while mowing the lawn, waxing the car or cheering the kids on to a tee-ball win. You're savvy enough to know that staying hydrated not only enhances performance, it keeps your muscles swollen and full. That'll keep you looking as strong as you feel.
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kapil dave
Sep 22, 2008
hi is it enoughto take vassive-ea8 or also need whey protein and creatine plz explain