US Team Throws Its Weight Around

The Americans racked up another Gold today when Stephanie Brown Trafton threw the discus 64.74 meters (212 feet, 5 inches). That's one heck of a distance to heave a 7-inch diameter disc weighing 2 pounds, 3 ounces. Training for such a feat requires a combination of weight lifting, running and plyometrics.

The Bigger Picture: What does your workout routine look like? Did you actually plan it out day to day and week to week, or was it something that just kind of took shape during infrequent trips to the gym? To achieve winning results, you have to have a game plan designed around specific and attainable goals. It's a good idea to alternate workouts between resistance and cardio training, alternately building your strength and endurance. Plyometrics incorporates elements of both, and is an excellent resource for building explosive power.

Medal Tally (as of noon CDT): USA 72 [22 Gold, 24 Silver, 26 Bronze], China 67, Russia 36, Australia 33, France 28
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