Perseverance Pays Off

The story of how Henry Cejudo got to the Olympics is amazing enough. There was poverty, a father missing since he was 4 years old, a mother who worked several jobs and the need to constantly move from one cramped apartment to the next. Watching boxers and wrestlers on TV inspired Henry and his older brother to train for these sports. And when the older Cejudo was invited to the Olympic Training Center (OTC) as a wrestler, Henry tagged along.

The career path for most Olympic wrestlers is high school then 4 years of NCAA experience before enrolling at the OTC. Henry arrived while still in high school, winning 2 state titles while living at the OTC. Instead of going to college, he focused on training. Today, the 21-year-old prodigy became the youngest American to win an Olympic Gold medal for wrestling.

The Bigger Picture: Despite severe hardships growing up, Henry Cejudo would not let go of his dream. He worked tirelessly to make it happen, the effort culminating in Olympic Gold wrestling freestyle at the 55 kg (121 pound) weight class. What comes next? As a bona fide world-class athlete, you can bet that Henry is already raising his sights and expectations. What's your goal for today's workout…and tomorrows?

Medal Tally (as of 5PM CDT) USA 79 [26 Gold, 26 Silver, 27 Bronze], China 76, Russia 42, Australia 35, Great Britain 33
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