The Heavy Burden Of Gold

In Olympic men's weightlifting, the winner of the super heavyweight division can rightfully call himself the strongest man in the world. Yesterday, that title went to Matthias Steiner of Germany who lifted a total of 461 kg (1,016+ pounds) capped by a final clean and jerk lift of 258 kg (568+ pounds). To say that this win was accomplished despite some adversity would be an understatement. Following the 2004 Olympics, Steiner changed his citizenship after a falling out with the Austrian Weightlifting Federation. Worse, his wife was killed in a car accident last year.

The Bigger Picture: Who says you can't right two wrongs? Matthias Steiner demonstrated the positive strength of motivation by turning professional frustration and personal grief into Olympic greatness. If you're having trouble finding motivation, use your waistline or biceps measurement to fuel gains (even if your goal is weight loss) in the gym. Tracking your progress in a training journal will help keep you motivated week to week and month to month, because you can always turn back to the beginning to see how far you've come.

Medal Tally (as of noon CDT): USA 82 [26 Gold, 28 Silver, 28 Bronze], China 79, Russia 45, Great Britain 37, Australia 36
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