Lightning Bolt Strikes 3 Times

The appropriately named Usain Bolt has 3 Gold medals and 3 world records after running the final leg of the 400-meter relay this afternoon in Beijing. While the 8 Gold medals won by American swimmer Michael Phelps may seem like a much larger accomplishment, consider the fact that this lightening-fast Jamaican sprinter is the first in Olympic history to set 3 world records at the same games 2 of which had stood for decades.

The Bigger Picture: While large developed countries rake in the lion's share of medals in every Olympics, there's always the opportunity for extraordinarily talented athletes to get their share. Jamaica is a small, poor country without elaborate training facilities for elite athletes. That didn't stop Usain Bolt from stealing the show in the 100 and 200 meter dash events, or today's 400-meter relay. Think about what you'd like to achieve before the 2010 Winter Olympics. Then come up with a workable plan for getting there.

Medal Tally (as of 3PM CDT): USA 102 [31 Gold, 36 Silver, 35 Bronze], China 89, Russia 57, Britain 44, Australia 42
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